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We were having real trouble with our five year old who kept waking up in the night and coming into our bedroom, leading to a bad night’s sleep for everyone. The Sleep Sisters asked some questions about our son and his routine and came up with a detailed personalised plan of action. After a few nights of doing what they said he now sleeps through every night and we are all so much happier! Thank you Sleep Sisters would recommend to all!

Rob Wood

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The information The Sleep Sisters provided was really informative and gave us a better understanding around what we should expect as well as a detailed routine for us to follow. They also advised us on her sleep environment which played a massive part in her ability to be able to sleep by herself. 
Autumn is now nearly 8 months old, we have a consistent bedtime routine and most evenings she happily goes down in her cot, has a little chit chat and then falls asleep all by herself - no feeding and no rocking to sleep!

Jessica Hyatt

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Anyone who is lucky enough to have found The Sleep Sisters will be incredibly lucky. Not only are they a fountain of knowledge, but they give guidance and reassurance at a time when you need it most. No question is ever silly and nothing is ever too much trouble. Sleep deprived, emotional and deflated I came to them and I couldn’t be more thankful for their help. A personal plan was put in place after analysing what was going wrong with my son's sleep patterns and more importantly why.  They were informative, friendly and gentle in their approach. I now have a 10 month old that sleeps through the night, and I can honestly say it’s a game changer! Thank you so much for your help - we couldn’t have done it without you!

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Is it too dramatic to say that The Sleep Sisters saved me?! I’m not sure where Harry and I would be now without them.  Within the space of a few days I saw a huge improvement in Harry’s mood and naps. The routine included all feeds and naps and bedtime, so really gave me the guidance I needed. After a few weeks Harry’s sleep had improved so much, he had gone from waking 3 times a night and short naps to 3 hours of naps a day and waking once. The sleeping through element came a few weeks later! 
If I ever have another baby they will be on speed dial!

Stephanie Fearon

Helen Packer