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Our Top Tips For New Parents

Becoming a parent can be a challenge in so many ways, so we are going to tell you our 5 top tips that we wish we had been told!

It’s never too early to get your baby into a routine

By this, we don’t mean strict feeding and sleeping schedule, but try and log your baby’s feeds and naps. When they’re newborn, feed them on demand and let them sleep when they need to, and after a few weeks, have a look at your log. You might find that they generally sleep at the same time each day and are feeding around the same time each day. This will make it so much easier to start gently nudging them into a routine that works for you all!

Get out and about

At some point, you are going to be trying to get your baby to sleep independently in their own cot, and that comes with it’s own issues, so enjoy THIS moment. Go out, meet friends, get a takeaway coffee and pound the streets. Enjoy your little one sleeping in their pram while you have lunch.. in no time at all you will have a toddler who won’t sit still and you’ll wish you made the most of those quieter times.

Make friends

You’ve probably got a load of friends already, but how many friends do you have who have kids the same age as yours? If the answer is ‘not many’, then go and make some. Go to sensory classes, baby groups, or join apps like Peanut. Having someone who you can say ‘is this normal’ or ‘what did you do when this happened’ can make you feel so much more confident in being a parent. Plus when they get a bit older, it’s great to have friends on hand to have play dates with. Watching your baby socialise is one of the best experiences you can have, so get yourself out there and embrace it.

Don’t google everything

If your baby isn’t sleeping and you can’t work out what to do, one of the worst things you can do is google it and get bombarded with information. Doing your own research is great but applying that research to your situation is the hard bit. You will get averages, and generalized advice and, often you just need someone to tell you what is normal. Follow some good accounts on social media that you feel familiar with and you can trust and take things step by step. Digest the information one piece at a time. You will probably be tired and overwhelmed as it is, so take things slowly.

Don’t worry about other people

When you have a baby people LOVE to give you advice, and they probably mean no harm. But the truth is, sometimes that advice can make you more nervous that you’re doing the wrong thing. One thing you also get when you have a baby is your ‘gut instinct’. Never underestimate this. YOU know your baby best, so trust your gut and do what works for you and your baby.

You’re doing great!

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