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4-6 Month Sleep 'Pro'gression

Somewhere between 4 and 6 months you may notice a change in your baby’s sleep – this is often referred to as the dreaded sleep regression. We prefer the term 'progression' rather than a regression. It’s a period when your baby’s sleep is actually maturing, and their sleep patterns are becoming more like adults. At the same time, they’re mastering many new skills and becoming more active. It's a lot for your baby's brain to deal with! It might be quite annoying but remember, this is absolutely normal and it shows your baby's development is right on track!

You might notice that your baby wakes more at night – usually they begin to wake between sleep cycles, which are about 30 - 45 minutes. Bedtimes might also become a bit of a battle and naps might start going a bit squiffy! So how can you survive? Well there are some things you can do!

Optimise your baby’s sleep environment – blackout blinds, white noise and the right room temperature are all important.

Introduce a bedtime routine – it’s helpful to signify to your baby that it’s time for sleep and what is expected of them.

Put your baby down drowsy but awake – easy to say but harder to do! It’s important to help your baby learn to fall asleep independently though, and a skill they will really benefit from having.

Implement a routine and stick to it – appropriate wake windows & nap lengths and 12-hour days/nights all help.

We recommend that you follow the Lullaby Trust’s safe sleep advice at all times.

Up to date guidance can be found on their website -

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