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New parent? Soon-to-be parent? Already a parent? Whoever you are, we have got you covered with this newborn sleep guide. It is specifically designed for babies of 0-5 months and gives useful information on how to gently nudge your newborn into a healthy sleep routine. 


Those newborn days can be very overwhelming, so let us help to guide you through them with information on:


- The best sleep environment for your newborn

- Nudging your newborn into a routine

- What a bedtime and nap time routine should look like

- Tips and tricks to settle your newborn to sleep

- How to create healthy sleep for your newborn

.. and so much more!


This guide helps you learn at your own pace and you can keep it to hand to offer guidance and support when you feel like you need it the most. 

Newborn Sleep Guide SALE

£35.00 Regular Price
£17.50Sale Price
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