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What to do when your baby starts to roll

Isn’t it frustrating when your baby starts to sleep well and then all of a sudden, they start to roll! Sometimes leading to you panicking and rolling them back every time and sometimes leading to your little one screaming because they can’t roll back!

Normally babies will roll from their back to tummy first, and it can be a good few weeks before they learn to roll back the other way! So what do you do when it comes to their sleep?

Well, as annoying as it is, if your baby can’t roll back on to their back, you might need to think about gently rolling them back over to prevent suffocation. Give your little one plenty of time during the day to practice their rolling. Lie them on their back, let them roll on to their tummy and then gently guide them back again. Trust us, it won’t be long before they start rolling along the floor!

When your little one can confidently roll both way, there is absolutely no harm in them sleeping on their tummy. In fact, most babies prefer it! Just make sure they don’t have lots of toys and blankets in their cot which they could get tangled in. A well fitted sleep suit and a comforter is all they should need.

With lots of practice, there should only be a short time in between rolling both ways, so keep everything else consistent – a good day of naps and a good quality sleep environment is key!

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