Cat Naps

Cat naps are short naps – usually around 30-45 minutes long and consisting of one sleep cycle.

Firstly, depending on your baby’s age, and the other naps they take during the day, these might be perfectly normal.  For babies of 5 months and under, more frequent short naps during the day is age appropriate. For babies that have more than 2 naps a day it’s typical to find that one of those naps is much shorter than the rest. 

If you think your baby should be having longer naps there are a few things to consider.

  1. Can your baby fall asleep independently or do they need your help to settle?  If they’re reliant on you to get to sleep they may find it tricky to link sleep cycles and fall back to sleep on their own as they transition to the next cycle.  

  2. Are they in the optimal sleep environment? Check out our posts on top tips for the best sleep environment.

  3. Are their naps happening at the right time?  Timing naps correctly during the day is key to making sure your baby has the best quality and length of sleep.  Overtiredness and under-tiredness can both impact naps.  If you need help with your baby’s nap routine check out our guide to naps for the first 2 years which you can download on our website.